At FlipGive, your account safety is our top priority.

1. Why did my password get reset by FlipGive?

If your password was reset by someone from our team, it's because we noticed unusual activity on your account to protect your information. Please refer to the guidelines below when setting up your new password:

  • different than your last two passwords
  • at least 8 characters long 
  • includes both upper and lower case letters
  • includes digits and symbols

2. What kind of unusual activity did you notice?

We noticed an increase in activity on your account in support of FlipGive teams that you do not normally support. 

3. Could someone else access my credit card information?

No. FlipGive never stores any credit card information. You may have noticed that you can save a credit card on checkout of a gift card or donation through our site. FlipGive does not store these card numbers but instead, they are encrypted so no one can see the complete credit card number. The encrypted card number is then passed directly to our payment provider, Stripe who operates with bank-level security.

 Instead we store a token that allows you to make repeat purchases with Stripe. This token is encrypted and it cannot be used by anyone besides you on our website.

If you have any questions regarding your account security, please contact our Customer Success Team at [email protected] or 1-844-438-3547.

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