Currently, FlipGive is only available to use towards online purchases with the brands available on our site. Click here to check out our extensive list to find the brands you and your team and start earning cash on your purchases today!

Hot Tip #1:

I've spoken to a lot of our super users who are parents, and they've shared with me some great insight on how to take advantage of FlipGive's program at brick and mortar stores! For those who still enjoy shopping in store, you can continue doing so and simply make the purchase/transaction via your mobile device or at home on your pc/desktop. That way, you're not missing out on the great give backs from our retailers!

Hot Tip #2:

Another great tip we've received from our super users is to purchase an eGift card through FlipGive, and then using it towards in store purchases. It's another great way to not miss out on cash!

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