Before Getting Started

Please ensure you have the latest version of FlipGive app installed.  You must also have a credit card linked to your account (available to US only). To learn how to link a credit card to your account, check out this article here.

To Find Eligible Stores/Locations on the FlipGive App:

1. Sign onto your account through the FlipGive mobile app.

2. Navigate to the Local tab found at the bottom of the app

3. Enter a location using the search bar along the top. Only merchants that have the 'In-Store' option can earn cash back by using your card physically at the store. Make sure the address matches - participating in the 'in-store' program happens on a location by location basis.

4. Use your linked credit card at the participating retailer, and you should see your funds post up to 48 hours after your transaction has been processed! 

To Find Eligible Stores on the

Visit our full brands list here for a filtered view on all our participating brands for online, gift-card and in-store shopping. 

  1. Click on the in-store option to view the full list of participating brands.  

2. Click on the Shop In-Store button to Activate the offer!

3. To check if your in-store offer was properly activated, simply return to your My Activity page and review your most recent visit.

Before you start shopping in-store, here are a few things to note:

  1. ONLY retailers listed in the Local tool (on the app) and the Brands page are eligible to earn cash back through the linked card program.
  2. Not all payment cards are eligible, so please  ensure reading through the full Terms and Conditions for details on the program.
  3. Entering a pin number will invalidate your cash back. Please ensure you are swiping or using your chip to earn cash back.
  4. Payment card(s) must be linked BEFORE you make your in-store purchase to start earning cash back.
  5. The Card Linked Offer program is currently only available for US residents.
  6. Payment cards can only be linked through the FlipGive app.
  7. You must activate the In-Store offer to earn towards in-store shopping, any purchases made in-store without an activated offer can be deemed ineligible.
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