Getting Started

Please ensure you have the latest version of the FlipGive app installed. You must also have an eligible payment card linked to your account (Available in US only).

Find Participating Merchants Near You

1. Navigate to the Local tab

2. Enter a location using the search bar along the top. You can earn cashback at participating merchants that have the 'In-Store' option. Please note the address of the participating merchant - not all locations are eligible.

3. Once you click on the participating merchant, click on Activate Offer. If you haven't linked your payment card yet, click on Link Payment Card. You must activate an offer for each visit and transaction you make in order to earn cashback correctly.

Find A List Of Participating Merchants By Popularity/New/Alphabetical

1. Navigate to the All Brands tab – filter the list by In-Store option

2. You can now further filter the list showing popular, new, or list only participating merchants alphabetically by name

3. Once you click on the participating merchant, activate the offer and then use your linked payment card to earn cash back!

A few things to note

1. ONLY participating merchants that show an "In-Store" offer are eligible to earn cash back through the linked card program.

2. Not all payment cards are eligible for cash back at a participating merchant, so please check the offer's terms and conditions for any restrictions.

3. Entering a PIN number on checkout will invalidate your cash back. Please ensure you are swiping or using your chip when using your linked payment card.

4. Eligible payment card(s) must be linked BEFORE you make your qualifying in-store purchase to earn cash back.

5. Eligible payment cards can only be linked through the FlipGive app or website.

6. You must activate the In-Store offer before making a qualifying purchase at participating merchants to receive cash back.

7. The Card Linked Offer program is currently only available for US residents.

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