We understand how frustrating this can be and we want to ensure you get all your eligible cashback for your purchases. Here are some quick troubleshooting questions to review for any missing cashback for purchases made with your Linked Payment Card.

1. Linked payment cards for in-store purchases cannot be linked with any other Rewards Program.

If your card is already linked to any other rewards program, your in-store earnings will automatically become void on FlipGive. This is because the earnings have already gone to another linked rewards program.

Your linked payment card must be linked before making any qualified purchases in-store in order to be eligible for cash back. Any qualified purchases made before will not be eligible for cash back.

3. Is the merchant you shopped with participating in our Card Linked Offer program?

In the app, click on the ‘Nearby’ tab to discover the participating merchants near you where you can earn cash back for your in-store purchases. You can search by location, or by retailer.

4. Did you activate your In-Store offer before making a purchase?

Before you complete your In-Store transaction, you must first activate the offer. Completing your transaction using your linked card may give back a default 1% only or none at all. As soon as you activate the offer, that visit will get tracked on your Shopping Trips page and you can make a purchase up to 48 hours after activation to receive cashback.

5. The store I shopped at is listed as a participating merchant but I didn't receive cashback.

Sometimes participating merchants move/re-locate and their address changes which takes time to be updated in our system. Please let us know if this was the case for you and our Support team will happily review your transaction.

6. Did you use a PIN number when using your linked payment card?

If you're using a debit card, the transaction MUST be run as a credit. Using a PIN will automatically void your transaction from cashback on FlipGive.

If the reasons above do not apply to you and you are still missing cashback for a qualified purchase you've made with a linked card at a participating merchant, please contact our support team at [email protected] . You will need to send a photo of your receipt so please make sure to have that handy!

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