Card Linked Offers

Once you link your eligible payment card(s) with FlipGive, you can start earning cashback for your in-store purchases at participating restaurants and retailers right away.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Activate the offer on the FlipGive app before making your transaction
  2. Complete your transaction using your linked payment card
  3. We'll send you a push notification as confirmation to your mobile device, along with an email to confirm your cashback earnings.

How does a card-linked offer differ from online shopping through FlipGive?

Great question! Linking your eligible payment card through the Card Linked Program on FlipGive does not mean that you will earn cash back for your online shopping. It's important to note that linking your payment card onto FlipGive's Card Linked Program does not mean you will earn automatically for your online shopping using this card.

Click to Activate your Offer

Once you've linked your payment card to your FlipGive account, you must Activate your In-Store offers in order to earn the full amount for your transactions. 

Here's how:

  1. Once you find the store/location you want to use your Linked Card towards, click on the Shop-In-Store button in teal as seen below:

2. By clicking on Shop In-Store, you're activating the in-store offer, which will remain activated for 48 hours as shown below. That means, you do not need to activate it again and have 48 hours to complete your in-store transaction and earn back to your team.

3. In order to receive the full give back of 7%, the offer must be activated prior to your transaction by following the above steps. If the offer is not activated, you will only earn 1% cashback.

Lastly, don't forget that all your activities can be tracked on your My Activity Page for your review. Happy shopping!


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