One of the awesome new features we've introduced alongside our FlipGive mobile app is 'Team Events'. These are great for team meetings, parent meetings, or any gatherings with your FlipGive teammates that can turn into an easy earning opportunity. 

To schedule a new event, click on the 'More' tab along the bottom then select Create a Team Event.

You'll need to provide event details (date, description), and pick your location. Next, you'll be prompted to invite team members and supporters to your fundraising event. 

Need some inspiration on how to make the most of the 'Team Events' feature? Here are a couple we've come up with to get you started:

  1. Team Dinners - Need something to kick off your team's first meeting, or to celebrate after a long game? Pick a restaurant from FlipGive and get all your parents to buy a gift card before the meal. It's one easy to way get every parent supporting the team in one go.
  2. Book a Trip - Whether your team is travelling for games or you and the family need to take a vacation, you'll always need to book your trip in advance. Take advantage of the travel related partners, like Expedia and, on FlipGive for your travel needs. 
  3. Holidays & Celebrations - Are you hosting the annual Christmas get-together? Maybe your family never remembers your birthday. Never fear! Set up the event through the app, throw in some suggestions for things you think would make great presents, and (hopefully) you'll never receive a gift you don't want ever again.

If you have any ideas for 'Team Events' you plan to set up, let us know at [email protected] We'd love to hear what you have planned for this new feature!

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