Are you a sports league, or a school, or a non profit with lots of teams that you want to get signed up under FlipGive? No problem! We can help you get all your teams set up and save you the hassle of having to manually create each team yourself.

Organization pages on FlipGive have a couple of added benefits as well!

  • All the teams that you create will fall under the same page on FlipGive. It's a one stop shop to see all the FlipGive teams your organization has created in a single place.

  • Teams in an organization are automatically enrolled in FlipGive's referral program. Get a bonus $20 from us when your team manages to raise $20!

  • Customize your organization's page with your own logo, description, and unique FlipGive URL

To learn more, reach out to our Customer Success team by emailing [email protected], starting a chat through the icon in the bottom right corner, or giving us a call at +1 844-438-3547.

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